Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Dear <name of recipient>

It is with considerable sadness and my most sincere condolences that I must report the death of your <relation>, <Crewman's rank and full name> in action in the Evaulon system today, this 19th day of December, YC114.

I hope it is some small consolation to you to learn that <Crewman's rank and surname> died while <his/her> vessel, the HDS Penumbra was deployed on an operation to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid  to the city and people of Rilnais. <Crewman's rank and surname> volunteered for this operation, which was ultimately successful in delivering relief materials and personnel worth a combined value of fifty billion InterStellar Kredits to the population of Rilnais. For giving <his/her> life in such noble circumstances, <Crewman's rank and surname> has been posthumously awarded the Black Ribbon and the Medal of Valour, which is the highest reward our corporation can give. I hope the knowledge that <s/he> gave <his/her> life on an operation that will ultimately save the lives and relieve the suffering of tens of thousands of people will provide you with some solace at this difficult time.

In accordance with corporate policy, as <his/her> listed next of kin, <Crewman's rank and surname>'s outstanding pay for the full duration of <his/her> contract, plus the mission hazard bonus has been forwarded to your account, and amounts to <total lump sum> ISK. In addition you have been added to our Widows and Orphans register, which will continue to pay one hundred ISK per annum for the remainder of your natural life, or the equivalent in your currency of choice.

I appreciate of course that you may feel that no amount of money will compensate for the death of your loved one. Again, you have my most heartfelt condolences in your time of grief, and if you feel you do not wish to receive the money, please reply to the galnet portal mentioned in the attached care package in order to have the bereavement payment instead forwarded to the charity or non-profit organisation of your choice. Our corporation is able to provide bereavement support counselling in these circumstances, the details of which are included in the attached care package.

Once again, I extend my sorrow, solidarity and condolences on your loss.

Yours sincerely,

Yakiya Verin Gariova Hakatain
Director, Gulfonodi Manufacturing Division
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc.
Pilot, HDS Penumbra.

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Religions, as so many other things, began when man looked at the ground beneath him and said “I belong here. I am a slave of the Gods.”

But man rose from the ground to forge a new place for himself, in the cold, dark depths of space. And he defied those dark places, knowing that this opposition, this adversity, would challenge and strengthen him.

But the darkness was welcoming, and turned man against man. Metal behemoths roamed the skies, gorging themselves on lesser creatures. And somewhere along the line, we found our true nature.

For man has the Freedom of Things, and has broken free of the chains of our creation.

We make our own place in the universe, and it is a bright, shining role we claim.

We are the revolutionaries. We are the rebels against the heavenly thrones. We are the enemies of the Gods.